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Handwriting analysis, some times called graphology, can be likened to reading a seismograph of the mind and body. A truly skilled, expert handwriting analyst can link past occurences, impacts, and new interactions with present physical and psychological states, while offering glimpses of future trends.

Hire a handwriting analysis expert and entertainer for: Corporate entertainment & company trade shows /  event & party functions ... alumni affairs ... campus / student activities ... sweet 16 / coming out party ... prom / post-prom parties ...  brand marketing promotions ... project graduation entertainment ... lunch and learn ... dinner parties  ... holiday party programs ... christmas party ... festivals ... business and awards dinners ... cotillions ... private parties ... theme parties ... bridal showers ... bachelorette parties ... company meetings ... conventions ... trade shows ... association meeting ... retail promotions ... bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah celebrations ... conference spouse programs ... team building activities ... library summer reading programs ... bus tour groups.

Dennis Duez - The Analyst

Entertainment Programs

Dennis Duez is an accomplished entertainer, keynote speaker, and expert handwriting analyst with deep experience providing sensitive, humorous, jaw-dropping, and mind-boggling entertainment, for a wide range of special events including:

Trade shows ... Corporate events & party functions ... alumni affairs ... campus / student activities ... sweet 16 / coming out party ... prom / post-prom parties ... project graduation entertainment ... dinner parties ... holiday party programs ... christmas party ... festivals .... lunch and learn ... business and awards dinners ... cotillions ... private parties ... theme parties ... bridal showers ... bachelorette parties ... birthday parties ... company meetings ... conventions ... association meeting ... retail promotions ... brand marketing promotions ... bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah celebrations ... conference spouse programs ... team building activities ... library summer reading programs ... bus tour groups.

Dennis provides personalized, insightful, and highly entertaining handwriting analyses, instantaneously, for individual party-goers with the added ability of performing light, humorous, compatibility analyses for couples as well.

He has never failed to interact well and positively with a wide range of individuals and audiences, providing premier entertainment. He out-psychs the psychics, tarot card readers, palm readers, and numerologists with astounding, scientifically accurate revelatons and uncanny insights ... He wows, amazes, and entertains !

Handwriting Analysis Speaking Engagements & Guest Lectures

Want to perk up what threatens to be a hum-drum conference, educational program, spouse program, team building activity, or employee relations program? Email Dennis.Duez@gmail.com or call 724 - 832 - 2310 NOW for rates and availability for national bookings.

Dennis Duez ( ... really a frustrated, stand-up comedian... ) serves as an insightful ( ...and sometimes inciting ... ), but always riveting, guest speaker and handwriting analysis workshop presenter offering a fresh look at:

  • Handwriting analysis and team interaction / team building activities / diversity & sensitivity presentations ... Speaking engagements / lectures and workshops that take a fun approach toward fostering new interaction, communication, understanding, and sensitivity among team members, co-workers, and others ...

  • Relationship dynamics ... handwriting analysis can reveal how relationships impact upon the individual. This workshop assists the individual in developing greater self-awareness of points of frustration and fulfillment with mates and prospective mates, associations, or other entities ...

  • Handwriting biometrics, forensics, and profiling ... Shows how handwriting analysis can profile personality traits and detect unconsciously embedded biometric artifacts in handwriting to identify a range of physical traits, vulnerabilities, and / or injuries ...

  • Handwriting analysis and Interpersonal communication ... Focuses on communication and resonance for counseling and personal coaching professionals. Shows how one can gain a quick insights and a better understanding of others using basic skills in handwriting analysis to aid in identification of personality, mood, and compatibility indicators ...

  • Developing self-awareness ... Using handwriting analysis to explore your inner depths. Imparts the ability for individuals to perform self analysis and uncover personality traits and physical artifacts ...

  • Signing on the dotted line ... The successful sales process. How handwriting analysis can pinpoint, and grab the attention of, the real decision makers and project leaders in the sales environment ...

  • Exploring your family tree ... Details how genealogy research can develop new meaning by bringing alive an ancestor's personality and physical traits with handwriting analysis ...

  • Insights into the mind of a convicted murderer ... Dennis is available for speaking engagements and media appearances to present his in-depth profile of convicted murderer Scott Petersen. The report ranges through personality traits and physical / biometric elements evidenced in Scott's handwriting. The analysis was developed from a letter sent by Scott to Richelle Nice, one of the jurors, initially, who was responsible for convicting Scott, and, in a strange turn of events, has since become his penpal ...

    Interested in learning more about how Dennis can develop a lecture, activity, or entertainment program with a particular organizational or audience orientation? Just email or phone him for details.

    Media Appearances / Famous Subjects ( cut and paste links for more info )

    Lady Gaga's Handwriting Analysis - -


    More details of the analysis revealed in the May 18th edition and can be downloaded as a PDF from page 6. http://www.readmetro.com/show/en/NewYork/20110518/2/6/

    New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Handwriting Analysis - -


    Britney Spears Handwriting Analysis - -


    Convicted Murder Scott Petersen Handwriting Analysis - -

    News Release - - Pittsburgh / New York City - 2006 - - Expert Handwriting Analyst Dennis Duez appeared on " The Lineup " a Fox News TV program - www.foxnews.com - on Sunday. May 28, 2006. Dennis presented his analysis of convicted murderer Scott Petersen's handwriting, developed from a letter sent to Richelle Nice, one of the jurors who found Scott guilty of murdering his wife.

    The "Daily Buzz" Nationally Syndicated Morning News TV appearance - -

    www.dailybuzz.tv, Orlando, FL - Live appearance - 01 / 24 / 2005 - Dao Vu, News Anchor / Correspondent ( Dao Vu has since moved to The Morning Blend, KTNV Channel 13 Action News, Las Vegas, NV ) http://www.vegasmorningblend.com/hosts )

  • Email Dennis.Duez@gmail.com NOW for rates and availability for national bookings.

    Geographic Availability

    Dennis and other, associate handwriting analysts, may be available nationally or internationally with reasonable lead time. Performance fees, travel and hotel expense quotes available

    Available on short notice for personal handwriting analyses / entertainment bookings and lectures / speaking engagements in:

    Greensburg, PA ... Pittsburgh, PA ... Harrisburg, PA ... Johnstown, PA ... Lancaster, PA ... York, PA ... Altoona, PA ... Erie, PA ... Reading, PA ... Scranton, PA ... Philadelphia, PA ... Cleveland, OH ... Cambridge, OH ... Columbus, OH ... Akron - Canton, OH ... Steubenville, OH ... Youngstown, OH ... Zanesville, OH ... Binghamton, NY ... Albany, NY... Buffalo, NY ... Rochester, NY ... Syracuse, NY ... Davis, WV ... Charleston, WV ... Clarksburg, WV ... Fairmont, WV ... Huntingdon, WV ... Morgantown, WV ... Wheeling, WV ... Washington, DC ... Arlington, VA ... Crystal City, VA ... Fairfax, VA ... Reston, VA ... Roanoke, VA ... Tysons Corner, VA ... Falls Church, VA ... Manassas, VA ... Vienna, VA, Winchester, VA ... Cumberland, MD, Deep Creek Lake, MD ... Frederick, MD ... Rockville, MD ... Bethesda, MD ... Baltimore, MD ... Potomac, MD ... Silver Spring, MD ... Toronto, Ontario, CA ... Montreal, Quebec, CA.

    Rapid response availability for performance engagements in the following states and regions:

    Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, South Central, Great Lakes, and Eastern Shore areas which include: Pennsylvania ... New York ... New Jersey ... Ohio ... Maryland ... District of Columbia ( DC ) ... Delaware ... Virginia ... West Virginia ... Connecticut ... Massachusetts ... New Hampshire ... Vermont ... Maine ... Rhode Island ... Michigan ... Illinois ... Indiana ... Wisconsin ... Kentucky ... Tennessee ... North Carolina ... South Carolina ... Georgia ... Alabama ... Florida ... Mississippi ... Missouri ... Louisiana ... Canada, including Ontario and Quebec.

    Available, with reasonable lead time, for:

    Northwest - Idaho ... Montana ... Oregon ... Washington ... Wyoming. Pacific / West - Alaska ... California ... Hawaii. South Central - Arkansas ... Kansas ... Missouri ... Oklahoma ... Texas. Southwest - Arizona ... Colorado ... Nevada ... New Mexico ... Utah. Upper Plains - Iowa ... Minnesota ... Nebraska ... North Dakota ... South Dakota

    In-Person Handwriting Analysis Consultation

    In-person handwriting analysis consultations available in the Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania region. Please Email Dennis.Duez@gmail.com for rates and availability.

    Have A Handwriting Analysis Report Developed By Mail

    Like to have your own, confidential, personal profile developed by mail? Just follow the directions below on how to prepare and transmit your handwriting sample.

    Just send a single, signed (use your normal, full signature), spontaneous sample (consisting of two or three sentences) of your handwriting in cursive script using a pen, (a pen and cursive script is preferred, since it provides the most detail, but printing can provide information as well) on a page of unlined paper (8.5" x 11" is the preferred paper size). Be sure to include complete contact information for each analysis requested. Just relax and write the way you normally would.

    Send each individual, signed sample (with complete contact information for each person) and a check for $65.00, to Dennis Duez, to: P.O. Box 142, Greensburg, PA 15601. A detailed report will be mailed back to you. Rates quoted on this page apply to individual/personal analyses only. Click here for
    Business / Third Party Consulting Information

    Order two handwriting analysis reports for you and your mate or prospective/new love so that you can compare and contrast compatibility issues. Send two, spontaneous, separate samples of signed handwriting ( normal signature ), with each individual's address and $130.00 for two in-depth reports.

    Fill out the family tree and gain a new genealogy perspective on your ancestors or historical figures with development of personality profiles and physical traits identification.

    Gift Certificates

    Looking for a unique and memorable gift? Handwriting Analysis Gift Certificates are available to surprise that hard-to-buy-for person on your gift list. Send a payment for $65.00, for each gift certificate to be ordered to: Dennis Duez, to: P.O. Box 142, Greensburg, PA 15601. Gift certificates available only in U.S. States and Territories served by U.S. Postal mail.

    Business Consulting / Third-Party Analysis Services

    Requests for third-party analyses will be considered on a case by case basis. Third party analysis rates are considerably higher than rates for individuals who request analysis of their own handwriting.


    Dennis has provided litigation support for individuals and the legal profession concerning document examination and signature verification issues.

    He has designed and taught college courses in Handwriting Analysis and can produce and present custom educational seminars and team building programs for groups or individuals..

    Dennis Duez - PO Box 142 - Greensburg, PA 15601

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